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"OFF-LAND was founded with a simple mission: to create functional products for everyday use aligning with nature. 

We are a small design team in Valencia, Spain. Our design studio is a workshop because we think that designing and making should be inseparable.

We are working on a new kind of product, which is above 'quality and function'. It is a free form of superfluous and fashionable. Firstly, all OFF-LAND products lack parts that do not contribute to their proposal. Their appearance is well-thought-out down to the last detail and determined by their functional components. Secondly, they are of high quality in terms of design, materials, and construction to allow for long life. 

Everything we do in our lives seems to harm the world around us. To reduce the negative impact on nature, the company takes responsibility for the effects of product production on people and the environment. 

We make products that do strive against obsolescence, that prefer to be discreet and adaptable, made with recyclable and biodegradable materials. These materials are assembled with mechanical joints or sewing to permit repair and end-of-life dismantling to recycle. Generating the least amount of waste possible in the production process is the fundamental principle of the company.

In our human resources policy, we establish a gender balance between women and men at all levels of employment, so that everyone may have the same opportunities for education, personal development, and receive a fair wage for work done.

We charge an honest price, and we do not have seasonal sales because our stock does not become obsolete. Coincidentally, it means that the long lifetime of our products costs less than cheaper alternatives.

We're in the midst of a very exciting time. More and more people realize that their behavior can make a difference. It's incredible that our products allow people to make simple and sustainable choices in their daily life. It’s starting to happen, and I believe it's just the beginning.”