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We like to break the rules. If you try to conform to a box and try to be like everyone else and you like what society wants you to be, it is very difficult and you will probably lose your soul. But if you break the rules, life is much easier and it's more fun.

We have created a department, The OFF-LAND LAB,  where we explore the relationship between people and nature. We believe living a life connected to nature is good for us. It’s the critical antidote to our busy city life.

Our purpose is to offer our customers a natural alternative to synthetics and to disrupt the industry towards sustainable solutions. We are constantly struck by the irony of the industry to promote the use of petroleum based, synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polypropylene as the ‘ideal bag’. Really?.We believe there is a better way and nature has the answers.

We are committed to a business based on high performance nature based fabrics, and our supply chain is built on the foundations of transparency and traceability. Our goal is to source base materials that are safe for people and the environment while also ensuring top product quality and performance.

Our founding purpose defines not just what we make, but how we make it. It guides every design and development choice we make, it guides our manufacturing and distribution decisions, and it powers how we operate as a global team wanting to make a difference. Sustainability isn’t just a feature of our products, it’s in the values and design of our business.

The apparel sector faces some specific challenges. These include: fast fashion and overconsumption, animal cruelty, a reliance on unsustainable materials, toxic emissions, invisible supply chains due to extensive subcontracting and working conditions at the expense of people’s fundamental human rights. We were born to challenge the industry norms with an outsider perspective - to be not only the natural fiber champions, but together with our customers to be champions of nature.

We are proud to be part of a global movement working on better ways to relate to each other and the natural world around us. 


OFF-LAND uses a range of natural textiles and materials in our products. We use animal-based materials in some products for their unique function and for its combination of durability and dexterity. Our sourcing practices are guided through independently recognized global standards - and supplier declarations when standards are not yet available - to ensure that animal welfare is respected and the materials are traceable. We only use leather that originates from hides that are a byproduct of the meat industry, working with our suppliers to ensure that leather is sourced from compliant tanneries with environmental measures in place.


Climate change is an urgent issue with immediate impacts to communities and ecosystems around the world. The science tells us that we must cut global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 45% from 2010 levels by 2030 and reach net zero emissions around 2050 to limit warming to 1.5°C and prevent catastrophic and irreversible climate change. This will require global transformational change. Balancing climate impacts with business success is one of the biggest challenges that OFF-LAND currently faces.

We are committing significant resources to addressing this challenge, with the same philosophy that we approach all parts of our business: guided by our values, informed by scientific research, and using design thinking to unlock meaningful solutions. Here you can learn about our approach to climate change, action we’re taking, and how we are engaged with industry partners and initiatives.

The majority of our environmental impact originates in our supply chain. From raw materials and textile production to product manufacturing, we create significant impact. We are in the process of developing emissions targets for all aspects of our business, based on what the science is telling us is needed. At the same time, we are helping our supply chain partners find efficiencies and reduce our impact. 

We know we have a long road ahead to make strides in environmental and social sustainability, but at OFF-LAND, we lean into tough challenges, looking to join forces with like-minded problem-solving organizations and the people who are effecting change.